Reading this post will change your life forever, It is said that whatever you Think about, you attract. This seems to be at the core of the law of attraction philosophy. For ages, people have pondered over the idea and books have been written to explain The secret. Even though, the philosophy has received global acceptance, there are still people who don’t know what the idea is about but all Greatest Persons who ever lived on earth knew The Secret

1What is the law of attraction?

What we think we become gautam buddha

For you to be able to understand the different dynamics of the law of attraction, then you need to know what it is. The law of attraction usually sums up the idea; thoughts affect the general outcome of people’s life whether positive or negative. This philosophy is based on the idea that mind is the center of everything that happens in a person’s life. The mind will reflect the kind of thoughts that it is given.

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2History of the philosophy

Take The First Step In Faith, You Don’t Have To See The Whole Staircase, Just Take The First Step - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

This is not a new age philosophy or way of thinking. It is something that has been existent since the early 19th century. In the past, it was not known as the ‘law of attraction’. This is a term that was invented in the year 1877 after the first book was written by Helena Blavatsky. The term was later adapted at the end of the 19th century and it has been used since then. The interest in the matter grew and people began writing books in the 20th century. Books like Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay were written and based on the law of attraction concept.

In the 2006, the concept of the law of attraction was revised and it got exposure with the release of the film secret. The film was then converted to a book in 2007and since then the new philosophy has been widely accepted by the majority of the population.

The different authors have based their books on the concept of people attract what they think and so to change your life, then you need to change your thought process.

Even though, the philosophy has been greatly accepted, it has received its own share of criticism. Different people have criticized the law stating that it lacks refutability. They say that the law focuses on the aspect of positive thinking. But it does not factor in the different circumstances that affect people. It has been said that the law of attractions lacks the scientific reality. This is because it states that if someone gets sick, then it is their own fault. They focused on negative thoughts.

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3How it works

உனக்குத் தேவையான எல்லா வலிமையும், உதவியும் உனக்குள்ளேயே உள்ளன - Strength and Help that all you need are within yourselves - Swami Vivekananda

The things that you focus on are basically the things that you end up attracting. The Universe tends to reward people based on what signals they send. So if you focus on negative thoughts then you shall get negative results. Your mind is the center of your being and it tends to reflect what you think about. So, if you think negatively, your brain will not generate any action plan and thus you will not get out and act and changing the situation.

So the question that you need to ask is ‘what do you want to create in your life?’ Do you want to create a positive or a negative reality? By focusing on that you will be able to come up with a plan to change your life circumstances.  So change your thoughts, change your reality. Yes, it is the thoughts that change your reality. That means that positive thoughts results to positive outcomes and vice versa.

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4The effects

stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right

The different effects have been grouped into different categories;

  • The law of attraction has an influence on your health. It is believed that if you are worried, stressed or have any other negative thoughts you could become sick. On the other hand your positive thoughts will promote better health. The different experts claim that for you to be healthy, you need to visualize you being healthy.
  • When it comes to finances, it has been said that if you think positively about prosperity then you shall attract that irrespective of your actual financial situation and the opposite holds true. If you constantly think that you are poor that shall be your future outcome. Being grateful of the money that you have is the fastest way of getting more money.
  • Law of attraction affects relationships too. If you constantly focus on your partners bad traits that is all that you are going to experience. So if you want to experience the best in your relationships, then you need to focus on the positive qualities of your partner.
  • Your goals and ambitions; experts say that if you want to achieve your goals and objectives, then you need to focus on what you want. Positive thoughts always attract positive results. So the thoughts that you focus on will make you to act. By acting, you will come up with methods and different goals that you can implement.

5How to achieve the Positive Outcome

the only thing making you unhappy are your own thoughts change them

Note this, it is not easy to achieve this new way of thinking. This is because human beings tend to focus on the negative aspects of life than the positive. For you to be able to achieve this way of thinking, you will need to focus on thinking positive. You need to understand that your old self will always come up with excuses not to continue with the new thought process. That is the reason why every time you adapt a new habit, the new trend will last for one or two days and then you go back to your original state.

The mind has the conscious and subconscious mind. Your habits are always formed in the subconscious mind. So if you want to use the law of attraction, you need to change the believe system stored in your subconscious mind. This is the only way that you achieve the best results. It will take a lot of practice and commitment for you to be able to achieve the best results.