There are many people who are eager to know about the secret that is found behind law of attraction. However, getting to know the secret is easy, since within the human mind is present the secret. What one has to do is to just see it. Some of the greatest leaders have been making use of law of attraction secrets. It is said to be suppressed, but coveted. 

It is in the following questions that the secret of law of attraction lies

  • Why it is known as Law of attraction?
  • Why is the secret suppressed?
  • Why it is a secret?

They are hiding the Secret from you

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According to some, the secret is said to lie behind law of attractions’ secret and hence, is regarded to be the major answer for all the above mentioned questions.

Secret here is stated to be the belief, which is all of human beliefs. Thoughts tend to form actions undertaken. People are led by their beliefs. Dictators do not emerge from anywhere. There are some people who believe strongly as to what the dictators have to believe or say. Without religious or political beliefs, they simply cannot run. Moreover, people tend to attract what they manifest and believe in. The secret law’s name has been provided by the effect which it possesses that is known as manifestation law. This was the secret for several years because of the effect it possesses.

Things to understand

What one has to understand is that law of attraction’s effect is that everything is actually possible, irrespective of the person’s political, religious view and orientation. If this was understood by people, then one should imagine as to what history would have offered. Secret behind law of attraction’s secret is that people have the ability to manifest anything, simply by giving up that their belief is the real truth. It is not considered to be false, but there is definitely a need to consider the statement, “no absolute truth is present”.

What is to be done?

The very first thing that one can undertake would be to listen to those trying to tell those things which the person does not have any belief. It needs to be listened with the heart and not just with the ears. Also, it effectively means receiving the image and to feel the guy who is doing the talking about something. Emotions can be received only if the person gets into the other person’s shoes. By doing this, it is possible to receive the world that the person lives in.

The other step to be taken in understanding the law of attraction’s attraction is the level of tolerance and acceptance.

What is earned if people are right?

Trying to be right always is actually to feed the ego. Just to feed ego, people have been into many wars, simply with the intention to prove that they were right. In case, other’s ideas are not desired to be accepted in any manner, then at least, the person should make the effort to consider them at the least. It can prove to be a wonderful start to get to know why law of attraction has been a secret.