With law of attraction, it is possible for everyone to take complete control of your life and live the way you have always dreamt of. It could be that you have heard about law of attraction, visualization, the secret or other popular manifestations belonging to this technique. However, it is quite likely that you are still not aware of it. You are to spend some time every day to visualize your idea to know what you want and this is to be performed on a regular basis. Also, you can anticipate results that you have been longing for!  

what we think we become

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Knowing the basics

It is not that tough to manifest own ideal. By meditating regularly, you can get half that way. With meditation, you can effectively visualize what is desired.

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You are to decide what is desired. It can prove to be a tough task of the entire process. Upon analyzing all the things, you are likely to realize that what you had wanted badly is something that is not just required. The goal set may seem to be impossible to reach, however, you are figure what is desired than anything else.

You are to select a method that can allow enhancing your level of confidence in your capability to imagine or visualize your ideal. Taking walks, meditating in parks, etc. can help to calm and relax the mind. While performing this act, you are not to be disturbed in any manner, at least for an hour.

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You are to allow your mind to wander about initially and create your own fantasy. For instance, if the objective is to shed weight, then looking at the mirror, you are to imagine yourself being thin and amazing. Instead of worrying how you would reach your goal, you are to imagine how the results would be after the goals are achieved. It is not the way to find, but the will to perform  that needs to be your responsibility. The method to be followed out will be figured out by the universes. Moreover, fantasies are to be built upon until you come across series of events, allowing you to visualize happening on a regular basis. Repetition has been termed to be the key. The other goals are  also to be worked upon in similar manner. Also, having the goals combined into a single fantasy is encouraged.

Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you
Your Past Mistakes are Meant to Guide You, NOT DEFINE YOU, Change Your Future Now & Forever #LOA Click To Tweet

The next aspect to follow is to repeat your fantasy every day. You can have your ideal engrained into your subconscious that has been stated to be the right way for communicating with Universal Mind. The ideal is created by your conscious mind, which then has it imprinted onto subconscious to relay objective to Universal Mind, so as to put it to effective work for achieving the objectives. Also it would be useful to have emotions placed into the visualization. As something provides your fantasies with tremendous joy, you should try to feel it.

Other useful tips

It is those who have a positive attitude, who tend to have positive feelings. Hence, every day is to be enjoyed and you are to quit cribbing. People are not to be hated, since it is termed to be negative energy. With you becoming more positive, you attraction towards positive things are sure to get much stronger. Otherwise, visualizing can be cancelled by negativity.