How The Law of Attraction Works

how the law of attraction works

There are many people who have heard about law of attraction, but does not know what it is all about and how it works.  Numerous books have been written on this subject. But you cannot expect any of them to provide you with the most appropriate formula to activate effectively law of attraction in the Universe, including within yourself. 

Besides feeling gratitude, there is said to be much more to law of attraction. Gratitude does play a significant role to attract the good present within the person. However, other facets are very much present within yourself, which is to be conquered first, much before you start to think on the lines of attracting anything and everything and to retain what has been attracted.

Knowing the Universal Laws

Several Universal Laws are known to exist and those laws are said to work along with one another for governing human beings. What you need to understand is that Universal Laws does not mean worldly laws, since the latter is something that has been created by man, therefore, having man made names. On the other hand, Universal Laws are said to have been derived from what it was, is and is likely to be, which is perfect right from the Earth’s foundation and hence, does not come with names. How is it possible for men to give names to something that is termed to be invisible?

The fact is that Universal Laws have been in existence even before human beings existed and are likely to exist even after. They are just nameless. But for man to know better as to what has been governing and judging him invisibly and all his actions and moves, he gave titles and names to everything for his own convenience.

Upon violating even a single Universal Law, it would mean that you would have all of them to be violated. It is much similar to that of no sin is considered to be greater than that of another one. It is actually your mental and emotional state of being that is termed as law of attraction to be in action. In case, negative feelings are felt of any type, then you cannot expect the Universe to provide you with anything good. What you need to realize is that law of attraction just do not work this way. Rather, it is known to work within purity of soul, spirit and mind.  In case, you are not able to have these three things developed spiritually or what is known as commonly as the ‘inner self’, law of attraction cannot be used in any manner, fashion, form or shape.

What is to be done?

There is an urgent need for your inner self to be spiritually in proper tune with everything that is required to be for obtaining what you have been desiring from the Universe. Thinking why law of attraction has not been working for you, and reading the books which are present on the subject, may only lead you to astray. It is a harsh reality that you need to be aware about and be deceived upon on a grand scale.

'Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. raise the rent and kick them out!

Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. raise the rent and kick them out! #LOA Click To Tweet

It is not possible on your part to receive something out of nothing. To have law of attraction manifest for you, there is a genuine need to get few things sacrificed or to have some people get rid of from your life. If you plan to ask the Universe those things which are more materialistic and not spiritual and also expect to retain what you already have in hand when waiting to obtain much more from the Universe, then you are grossly mistaken! It is essential to create sufficient space for new things in your life which is asked for from the Universe. This is done only by having the old things to be removed. In case, you are surrounded by people who are the cause for your stagnation in life and to be kept away from achieving your desires, then you should not expect to receive blessing of any type from the Universe, be it a new spouse or new friends, when the old ones are still retained. Law of attraction does come with this harsh reality that needs to be clearly understood, accepted and actions taken accordingly to fulfill the desires. There is a need on your part to act first, to allow law of attraction in manifesting for you!

How to obtain success in achieving the desires by using law of attraction?

Irrespective of what you have read in books or been told by others with regards to law of attraction, as well as how the Universe provides you with whatever you have in your mind for  a specific time period, these are actually not true! The fact is that law of attraction cannot be stated to be something like “your wish, my command” type of thing. The books written by authors about the subject can simply be deceiving and may only make you to lose your precious money, making them rich in the process. The Universe is not known to answer to anyone who asks and prays to it for making their desires to come true.

Law of Attraction Qualities

The Universe is also called ‘The All’, God, ‘The Light’, ‘The Self Created One’, ‘The Inconceivable One’, ‘The Most High’ including several other names. Moreover, IT simply does not answer to each and everyone who beckons IT. Rather, the Universe can be termed to be the perfect period! Besides this, those trying to request The Universe to fulfill their desires are expected to be perfect and pure in soul, mind and spirit, since it is termed to be the only way by which anything can be received from ‘THE ONE’, from whom, law of attraction is known to have come into existence. The truth is that what is known as ‘Law of Attraction’ is something that is not derived by anyone and everyone, expect by those, who have full faith in it.