You Spend Too Much Time Worrying What Other People Think Of You A Lion Doesn't Concern Himself With The Opinion Of A Sheep
You Spend Too Much Time Worrying What Other People Think Of You A Lion Doesn't Concern Himself With The Opinion Of A Sheep

Human beings do prefer to be accepted and liked by the others. But this may have you to worry excessively as to what the others could probably be thinking about you. It is this excessive worrying which may create a negative impact on your life because you’re emitting negative signals to the universe. Things can become quite debilitating that it may simply interfere with your capability to be at ease with yourself and with others. Hence, it becomes essential on your part not to allow it to prevent in living a full potential life.

Some reasons Why You Shouldn’t Consider What People Might Think Of You

The less you care about what others think
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They are not aware of what is good for you: It is only you, who is aware of what can be good for yourself and for your family. Hence, you are to learn from own choices and it can be done only by taking own decisions and full responsibility of life. Even if you tend to fail in your endeavors, you can still learn wholeheartedly, when opposed to blaming others for it, blaming others will make the same thing happen again You’re Using Law Of Attraction But In A Negative Way

just be you if the dont like it well them
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No business of theirs, since it is your life: The truth is that people have the right to think of what they feel like thinking. Therefore, it is not possible for you to change what others may think of you or about your worth, unless they are allowed to do so. Your life is precious and you have to live your way and hence, you have the right to approve your own choices the way you want.

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Will make you not to realize your dreams: In case, you get constantly worried as to what others think about you, then you are not likely to reach where your objectives and goals in life. There are several things which you may be required to undertake that might not meet always people’s standards and expectations. There could emerge situations, where your reputation and pride has to be kept on the line for achieving what is desired.  By worrying constantly what others think about you will only hamper your future prospects, which you should allow to do.

I Am Who I Am Your Approval Is Not Needed
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What is right for others could probably end up wrong for you: Other’s opinions are based upon what they intend to do. Hence, what could emerge to be a wonderful solution for them, might not work in your case. Since people are considered unique, it is only you, who know well what can be good for you. 

Thoughts of people change constantlyPeople change constantly. According to some theorists and philosophers, people are stated to be in constant flux that there is no specific ‘self’. It is on regular basis that people’s percept ion, ideas, views and thoughts change. It means those who may have a bad opinion about you are sure to think something different in future. Therefore, what people think should not matter.

when you care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner
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What you have realized is the fact that thinking constantly what others think about you can actually become a huge burden and create pain. That pain will send negative vibes to the Universe, Do you want the universe to Deliver Negative Experience  ?, So you are to make conscious effort towards giving yourself more importance. Only then can you have a different opinion of yourself and the world.

i dont care what you think of me, unless you thin im awesome in which case you're right
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