Making use of meditations, deep breathing, visualizations and affirmations to attract health have been stated to be based upon the theory that all body functions are controlled by the mind. Hence, what takes place externally is regarded to be a mere reflection of the things taking place within the mind. Therefore, if you are able to know the root cause for the issue to take place and have the problems healed at the core, then it becomes effective to resolve automatically all physical issues. Emotional and stress release, along with deep breathing techniques is known to work like magic to offer natural healing by having the natural immune system of the body to be boosted for triggering its self healing process. 

Steps to improve health by using law of attraction

If you feel bad about your body, that is a powerful feeling, and you will continue to attract feeling bad about your body. You will never change your body if you are critical of it and find fault with it, and in fact you will attract more weight to you. Praise and bless every square inch of your body. Think about all the perfect things about you. As you think perfect thoughts, as you feel good about you, you are on the frequency of your perfect weight, and you are summoning perfection.

Using breathe therapy for stress release and to enjoy relaxation: You are to take deep breath as much possible, hold for few seconds before exhaling. The process is again to be repeated, until you begin to feel fully aired and completely fresh. The procedure is to be repeated at fixed time, once regularly for another 7 days. If you find yourself to be comfortable with breathing exercises, you should go onto the next step, which is to visualize and to effectively heal yourself of any ailment.

You've got to feel good to receive

Visualizing healing: This technique can be started whenever you feel that you are comfortable with breathing patterns given in the above step. Once you start feeling completely relaxed after starting the breathing exercises and become rhythmic, you are to start visualizing.  For the purpose of visualizing, just imagine or think in great details, something like day dreaming. Visualize a huge illuminating ball of football size and filled with healing white light, present right above your head. The white healing light laser begins to flow down across your head’s crown right into the body.

Flowing down the head, a healthy white light envelopes your mind and brain.

Freely, it flows downwards for penetrating, permeating and filling up the body’s parts.

Then through the forehead, it flows down to your eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and the chest.

Your chest and lungs are filled up and all organs get enveloped with this healing white light.

Then, your heart, intestines, stomach, kidneys, as well as other internal organs are flown through.

Your arms are then passed through filling them.

Finally, the healing white light passes through your thighs, hips, feet and legs is passed down to the ground below from the soles.

This healing white light has completely engulfed you, having created a flow path from top to bottom, throughout your organs.

  • Your body is completely cleaned and purified by this white healing laser light.
  • All bad energy, blockages, negative feelings and diseases are removed by it and are replaced with healthy, positive and fresh energy.
  • The healing white light keeps circulating and flowing constantly, until you get purified and cleansed completely.

You are continue visualizing the above along with deep breathing techniques and continue this procedure for another 7 days at regular time to enjoy its effects. If the entire process is found to be beneficial, you can continue until you can feel being cured completely.

when you feel healthy and vital and alive and prosperous you attract more of all those things
  • Releasing negatives for quantum healing and emotional clearance: It could be that you are having plenty of emotions within you like need for revenge, hatred, jealousy, anger, feelings of limitations and lack or fear, which only would develop harmful chemicals within your body. This over time is likely to create illness and have your natural immune system disrupted. Therefore, it is quite essential to have all such emotions released.
    • Create a list of people known to you like your parents, friends, colleagues, teachers, bosses, colleagues, etc., including that of yours. Every name on the list is to be read out aloud and state, “You are given unconditional love and forgiven”. This procedure is to be repeated individually for the names present on the list. This way, you can start feeling all your negative feelings move away from you and get replaced with good or love towards them.
    • Affirmations such as “I am healthy”, “I am happy”, “I am peaceful” and ‘I am relaxed” are to be repeated few times regularly.
    • The affirmationI release from my body all false beliefs, blockages and negative energies” is to be repeated regularly.
    • List of things positive and good that has happened to you is to be listed down and the Universe/God thanked for them individually.
    • The theory that the Universal mind/God is eager to provide you with abundance, riches and happiness, etc. only if you are prepared to have them received is to be reflected upon.
    • List of negative things that has taken place is to be listed down and every concerned person is to be forgiven. Positive aspects arising from it is to be reflected upon. It is necessary for you to look at the silver lining.
    • You should have laughter introduced in your life. This can be done by reading funny books and jokes or watching hilarious movies. Laughter does have excellent therapeutic properties and can help you to feel much better.
Law of Atraction Healing
  • Attracting health by using affirmations: While visualizing your disease getting smaller until it eliminates completely, you are to simultaneously imaging loving energy to pass on to all the diseased cells and watch them glow with good health. The given below affirmations are to be repeated often.
    • I love all the parts of my body.
    • I am good and healthy.
    • I have a well balanced body and in great health.
    • My body is taken proper care of and it reciprocates similarly.
    • I have a perfectly functioning body.
    • I have vitality and healthy energy filled in me.
    • My body cells and systems are in perfect condition and healthy.
    • I have a strong immune system and healed in spirit, body and mind.
    • Now, I am completely healed.

Besides this, there is a need to be stress free, have positive mindset, exercise regularly, eat healthy, while following healthy living principles properly, to enjoy self healing using law of attraction.



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