According to many, it is possible to find love by using law of attraction. It is considered to be a belief which is ‘like attracts like’, including focusing upon positive thought that can help to bring positive results. This simple rule when understood clearly and followed can empower you with the ability to find your lifelong partner. By knowing how and when to activate this unlimited power existing within you can actually assist you to achieve anything and everything in life, including finding your true love. Here are some Ways by which law of attraction is to be used for you can find your soul mate

1 i will meet you some day in gods perfect time

Being Positive And Clear About What Is Desired In The Mate

You can get to understand what is to be present in the ideal partner, with every ‘failed’ relationship however, the issue is that majority of the men and women, rather than focus upon positive things, think on negative aspects more. It is essential to know what is desired and not preferred for making the right choice. It is within your capability to select thoughts which are positively clear that your power to develop lies. This way, you can specify the universe what is exactly desired. Also, you can state if you have a negative or positive affirmation by the way you feel it. If negative thoughts pour into your mind, then you should immediately try to eliminate them by thinking on positive things. This way, you are sure to feel much better immediately and also be in love.

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2 Dream Your Life Partner

Dreaming It Continuously

The best thing to undertake, if prepared for love is to day dream in plenty about the perfect mate. Upon imagining the ideal partner, these images are received by the universe as indicators as to what needs to be created in your life. You, in your wild imaginations can have your desired relationship developed and improved, until your highest ideal is met. Once that ideal image is set in your mind, it needs to be replayed constantly, until you find yourself to be living in it in the real sense. What you need to realize is that your imagination is unlimited and unstoppable, which in turn can effectively have your love life transformed.

3 Refrain from jealousy

Refrain From Jealousy

Being jealous is something that is quite natural, something that is generally experienced when someone is noticed to be experiencing something that you would have preferred to have, but not able to. What you do not realize is the fact that jealousy is sure to obstacle your love from coming to you. This is because, it is seen as negative emotion, which would repel what is desired. If you find someone to live your dream, then rather than feeling jealous, understand that your dream has been getting closer. You should start celebrating love and blessing all loving relationships that are noticed. This way, the universe can be requested to help you get some love.

4 love your self

Falling In Love With Self

If you do not love yourself, then others cannot be expected to love you. By criticizing or judging self, a negative energy is sent which only repels others. Potential mates are likely to get repelled due to self criticism, but self love can prove to be attractive. You should come up with a list of few characteristics that you love about yourself. Have this list displayed at a place, where you can view it regularly. Irrespective of what is in the list, it needs to have those things which can help to generate good feelings about yourself. This way, by focusing more upon yourself and that you love about, is likely to help you experience more about self love. Over time, you can find others to also love you, as people do like to be around those, who love themselves.

5 Be Self Confident

Avoiding Doubts

In this obliging universe, it is very much possible to have all desires and dreams to be experienced. However, doubt is regarded to be the major obstacle in manifesting. Although something is desired, you may doubt, if it is possible to realize it or not. It is the doubt that may keep you away from finding your true love. Door for attraction is opened only upon knowing, since it is termed to be positive energy. On the other hand, doubt is considered to be negative energy, which only would close that door. It is only by being in alignment with appealing your right mate that there can be a sense to know that she/he is on their way be self confident.

6 never give up

Giving Up Early

A major cause for Law of attraction not to work for many to find love is because, people tend to give up much early, before they have their wishes granted. There is a need to get aligned with love, to ensure it is not missed out. If the dates are not able to match expectations, then people generally get disappointed, since evolving of true love is not noticed. They simply give up due to fear or to avoid future disappointment, not understanding what are they to lose. Hence, the key to using law of attraction can be stated to be that once you know what you desire for specifically, you are to stay committed to it, until it manifests.

7 enjoy yourself

Enjoying Self

To begin living, you should not wait to be searched by your love. You are sure to attract what actually you are. A couch potato would be attracted, if you are one. If a mate is desired, who loves to read and is active, then you should immediately begin to jog and read books. For living your best life, you should wait his/her arrival. You should try to live your best life right from this moment and by becoming super attractive, it becomes for that special person to spot you easily even in a crowd. This is because, you are likely to shine.
It is through your intuition that Law of attraction tends to communicate with you. Therefore, ensure that you listen to it carefully and follow the gut feelings.