I was introduced to The Secret by a friend a few years ago. When my friend hit the play button on her DVD player, and the video began, I was convinced this would be some New Age propaganda. However, before long, I became interested and was drawn in. The Secret has enabled me to have faith that good things happen if you just believe.
One exercise I learned from watching The Secret was to make a collage showing images of things that you desire. I did this last year, saved it to my computer, and later forgot about it.

My story:

I work as an Executive Assistant, and supported our Senior Vice President until he decided to terminate his employment with the company. He had accumulated 255,000 rewards points on his corporate AMEX card and, prior to his departure, let me know that he was giving these points to me to plan a vacation for myself. This was totally unexpected, and came at a time when my sister was planning a trip to Italy. I had previously been invited to go along on this vacation, but had to decline because my budget wouldn’t allow it. I was thrilled that I could now use the rewards points to go on my dream vacation! My sister let me know the name of the hotel where she had made a reservation, and I found an image online taken from the balcony of this hotel and saved it as my desktop background.

Last week I was going through files stored on my computer and found the collage I had made last year with its two pages of images. I could not believe my eyes when I saw a photo almost identical to the one taken from the balcony of the hotel I would be staying at in Italy. Both pictures show a small table with two chairs on a balcony, taken from the same angle, overlooking the city of Positano, Italy.

Out of the millions of cities in the world, what are the chances that I would be going to the exact location I had chosen to depict on my collage!! Also, who could have ever known the manner in which the Universe would deliver this gift to me.

This experience has strengthened my belief in the “law of attraction”, and I will continue to make a conscious effort to allow The Universe to deliver the things I desire.

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