My story begins in 2011, when I got married to the love of my life Mr. Sushil Pevekar. Our priority was to settle first and then have a kid in our life. As the time passed by things were going good and we finally decided to have a baby .

We did try for the baby but somehow things did not work out. So we had decided to visit the doctor. The doctor advised us to do certain check-ups. We went through a lot of medical treatments but were unable to find the reason for not conceiving.

Our parents, relatives, neighbors, and friends were asking for the news of a baby and we had nothing to respond with to their curious questions. My friends who were married during the same time and longer than us were blessed with kids, and here I was with tears in my eyes and praying for my little angel. I was very depressed and anxious.

One day my doctor said if I don’t conceived by December 2013 I need to opt for IVF treatment. I was collapsed on hearing this from her. It was an expensive treatment and there was no assurance that it would succeed in the first attempt. Then one of my close friend Mrs. Shubhangi , insisted I meet an astrologist as maybe his advice would be helpful.

On 5th September, 2013 me and my husband got the appointment with the astrologer. I can never forget this date as my life was changed after meeting Mr. Nayan Dhotre.

We told our health problem to him. Then he had asked me if I had watched The Secret film. I said yes. In 2006 when The Secret film was released I had attended a positive thinking seminar of Dr. Sneh Desai. In his seminar he had introduced this film. Then he said if you already knew The Secret then why are you coming to me with your problem? You can solve it on your own. He guided us on how you use The Secret. On that day I have promised myself that I have a right to conceive naturally.

After that day we started implemented The Secret by different ways in our routine.

First I bought The Secret book and read it thoroughly. After reading it, whenever I saw any pregnant lady I thanked God for the very sight of her. I started buying clothes for my baby girl. I collected pictures of baby’s growth and saved them on my cell phone. I started using baby soap. I had made a place for my child’s clothes in my cupboard. Whenever my relatives asked me about good news, I told them very soon with a smile on my face and to be prepared for the welcome. I was doing this as if our little angel had already arrived in our life.

Each day me and my husband thanked god for our cute angel. We were grateful each day. My Husband and Mother-in-law were very supportive in this entire journey.

After practicing The Secret, I did a pregnancy test at home on 21st May, 2014.

And the results were positive!!

I had tears rolling on down my cheeks! I was super happy! My husband was happy too, and that I had conceived without any medical treatment. He only believed it after seeing my blood test report. My entire pregnancy journey was really very good.

I had been blessed with a sweet and healthy baby girl on 23rd January, 2015. Many people were telling me that I will blessed with baby boy but I knew it before conceiving that I would be blessed with baby girl. My baby will turn 6 months old on July 23rd, 2015. It was an 18 month journey for me, 9 months of implementing The Secret and 9 months of my pregnancy.

So this is my story. Those who are facing difficulties with conceiving, I just want to tell them that never lose hope and be positive. Just ask universe and believe that you have already received and you will be blessed with everything that you wish for!

After reading and watching The Secret, so many miracles happened in my life but this was the best one and grateful to be sharing this remarkable experience with all of you.

Thanks a ton Rhonda and your team. It would not have been possible without The Secret . Thanks to all who have shared their stories related my problem.