My life was scaring me. My finances were out of control, I felt alone, working hard day after day and getting nowhere. I had debt collectors calling me daily, my money I earned just disappeared into paying my debt, which seemed to grow bigger and bigger. It was all I was thinking of and I was telling myself daily that I had no way out. I was feeling lonely, being single and ashamed of my financial situation, I felt like I didn’t deserve love because why would someone want me. This was a very dark place to feel and be in.

All that being said, at heart I was born an optimist and I clung onto hope despite my thoughts. Only 1 month ago I watched The Secret for the first time. I saw it and thought, yes this looks interesting. I lay in bed and watched.

Instantly something inside me clicked. It’s almost like it made sense and something in me told me that I always knew it made sense, as if an instinct I should have always known but had somehow lost until watching. It was a very surreal feeling.

I immediately changed my thoughts. At first as I didn’t know what to think, exactly. What do I want? How do I think that? How long do I think it for? And I struggled to raise these thoughts above my negative thoughts and feelings. By the next day I’d achieved this and was thinking, “I have all the money I need to be debt free and successful in life. I’ll always have this money coming to me”.

I focused on these thoughts and it became addictive. Not only that, it was making me smile thinking how good it will feel having no debts and a lot of money in savings.

One week into this changed perception and things began to change:

The debt collectors agreed to a repayment plan affordable to me, something I’d not been able to negotiate before! The calls stopped and I already felt some control, which boosted my thoughts and happiness even higher.

One week after that, my manager discussed my performance with me at work at my review and gave me a $10,000 pay raise, something unheard of in the company I work for!

Earlier this week I was at the shops and in front of me was $50 on the ground. I tried locating the owner but no one around me said they’d dropped any money.

Just today I was needing new hair products as my hair needs a lot of maintenance. I checked my emails and my local cosmetic store had a 50% off all hair care range – sale, ending today. This saved me a lot of money as I needed to replace nearly everything.

Not only is thinking positive and believing what I want to be mine a way to feel good, I’m really starting to see results. Where I was spiraling more into debt, I’m finding the path in front of me is forcing me to spend less and bringing me more money.

I’m now focusing my thoughts in other areas, including love and things I’d like with my own appearance. Also focusing on happiness with my family and friends and seeing them successful, too.

All I can say is I’m so grateful I discovered The Secret. In one month things have changed so much, and all I’ve done is to think differently and believe it. I can’t wait for the future.

Thank you!